Totally bald and nearly Canadian, Dr. P (as he's known by his students) has made St. Louis his home since 1999.

He currently runs the Sports Business Program at Washington University in St. Louis, a program affiliated with the Lacob family that owns the Golden State Warriors. And in August 2018, he published his first book (an e-book entitled "They Shoot...They Score!! Lessons in Leadership, Innovation, and Strategy from the Sports Business Industry"). The book featured interviews with 50 sports executives spanning all aspects of the sports industry.

A soccer, hockey, tennis, and golf enthusiast, Dr. P also runs Sportsimpacts, a consulting firm which conducts economic impact studies for sporting events, teams, and venues. He's conducted over 80 studies since 2000, including Super Bowl XL, XLV, and 50.

When he's not doing hot yoga, pumping iron, or being a cat-daddy, Dr. P writes Sports Business Opinion Editorials for and frequently appears on or is quoted by various media outlets (e.g. CNBC, CNN, L.A. Times, NPR, Marketplace) to discuss topical sports business news stories.