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From Where Claibs Sits: Colin Gives Critics Cover

The Colin Kaepernick story won’t go away although his critics now have cover when it comes to them thinking he is getting a fair shake. Last week when the NFL hastily called for Kaepernick to have an NFL controlled workout on of all days a Saturday, before most teams were scheduled to play was the first red flag. It was an easy gesture and statement to make by the NFL to give the impression that they were trying to be fair and give Kaepernick a chance to show his skill set. However, there were strings attached from who could video the workout to a waiver that was not a standard workout agreement prescribed by the NFL. There were a few other elements that raised eyebrows by the Kaepernick camp that created a distrust, thus an audible was called, and a change a venue took place much to the dismay of the league and media who were in support of the NFL.

As you look closer at the statement the NFL put out after the workout sighting its disappointment in Kaepernick not following their stipulations, you must ask yourself a few questions. The first one is why now for the hasty workout? The second would be could the NFL and the alleged 25 teams that were scheduled to be at the workout have worked out Kaepernick on their own well before Saturday or was a league mandate telling teams not to? Third, what team works out a player on Saturday? Coaches and scouts are either preparing for a game, traveling to a game or scouting a college game. By the way what player personnel people were at the workout, and who were the 25 scheduled to show up at the NFL event? Fourth, how many people who do not like Kaepernick because of the stand he took really understand what it was all about other than the misnomer that he did not respect the flag? Talk about selective retention…

For the uninformed faction that thinks Kaepernick blew his chance, I wonder how many of them would have accepted the terms? It’s easy to say he blew it because it's now easier for them to turn the page and move on from it. For those of the national media who now do the league's bidding, they provide a bigger umbrella for cover as well because if they come out against Kaepernick it must be now right. Not so fast. This whole process has been flawed from day one. The misinformation circulated has been unfortunate at best. The league and its lackeys have just made this an “anti-American” thing when it could not be further from what really is at stake here.

For Kaepernick, he decided to take a swim in uncharted water and with it came some elements presented that he struggled to find his compass to stay on point and with that his message got lost by some and they decided to come up with their own narrative which has made everything worse than what it should be. There are no winners here. The NFL has another black eye from another bungled attempt to be transparent, Colin Kaepernick is still without a job and people who cover this story would prefer it go away so they can go back to “sticking to sports.” None of these items are easy to cope with and no one is handling them well. So, what’s next? The clock is ticking on who makes the next move. Kaepernick has shown in his workout that he is better than most quarterbacks on Sunday we see and mostly boo. The Owners are trying to remind him and everyone else this is their league and they run it as they see fit. Don’t like the crumbs offered? Too bad, that’s how it is and there is another game to be played without Kaepernick. For fans and media that were not really up to snuff on the situation from the beginning, just stay under cover. It’s safe there, for now.