• 4/4: This Day in Cards History

    4/4: This Day in Cardinals History:
    It was a night to forget for former Cardinals outfielder Stephen Piscotty on this day in 2017. Not only was he hit by a pitch, he was hit by multiple throws while on base.

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  • 4/3: This Day in Cards History

    The Cardinals played in a memorable, and miserable, Opening Day game on this day in 1994. Joe Torre led the team to victory in front of the smallest opening day crowd in the ballpark's history on Easter Sunday.

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  • 4/2: This Day in Cards History

    On this day in 1985, the Cardinals acquired the "Secret Weapon" Jose Oquendo and Mark Davis in a trade with the New York Mets for John Young and Angel Salazar. Oquendo played every position for St. Louis & is still involved.

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  • 4/1: This Day in Cards History

    April 1st brings back a memory from 1987, that many might have thought was a joke at first. Commish and Claibs take you back to a trade that was made before the start of that season.

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  • 3/31: This Day in Cards History

    March 31, 1998 was Opening Day that year for the Cardinals. Mark McGwire made history, and the Cards debuted a new relief pitcher who would also serve other purposes in Cardinal History.

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  • Mungenast St. Louis Acura

    Visit Mungenast St. Louis Acura located at 13720 Manchester Road, serving the St. Louis area since 1986. As an “Essential Business and Operation,” we remain open to serve your transportation needs, both sales and service, while doing our best to adhere to changing CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19.

  • Podcast: Bob Nightengale

    Bob Nightengale discusses potential MLB schedule scenarios once the season starts, the playoffs potentially lasting up until Thanksgiving, additional wild card teams in the 2020 playoffs, the upcoming CBA negotiations and more with Claibs.

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  • Podcast: Richard Mark

    Ameren Illinois President Richard Mark joins Claibs to share tips to save money by conserving energy in the spring including temperatures your thermostat should be set on, and Ameren has an online store that sells smart thermostats.

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  • 3/30: This Day in Cards History

    Without much to choose from for March 30, Mike Claiborne and Rick Hummel look back at a memorable game by Hard Hittin' Mark Whiten on the eve of the trade that brought Whiten to St. Louis for "This Day in Cardinal History."

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  • 3/29: This Day in Cards History

    On This Day in Cardinals History, just one year ago, Paul Goldschmidt put on a show in Milwaukee hitting 3 home runs driving in 5 runs. Mike Claiborne and Rick Hummel take a look back at the 2nd game of his career as a Redbird.

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  • 3/28: This Day in Cards History

    Today on This Day in Cardinals History, we celebrate the birthday of a past Redbird, Craig Pauquette, who turns 51. Mike Claiborne and Rick Hummel talk about his role with the Cards during his 3 year tenure with the team from 1999-2001.

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  • Podcast: Orlando Pace

    Pro Football Hall of Famer Orlando Pace joined Mike Claiborne to discuss memories of the St. Louis Rams, his teammate Isaac Bruce's election to the Hall of Fame, his own career and what he has been doing since retiring.

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  • 3/27: This Day in Cards History

    On this day in 2018, the Redbirds were in Canada, playing an exhibition game against the Blue Jays in Montreal. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hit a walk-off homer off Jack Flaherty, and Rick Hummel joins Claibs to talk about Vlad's Hall of Fame dad.

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  • Claibs Joins Town & Style Mag

    Professional sports may be on hold right now, but that doesn't mean Mike Claiborne is taking a break. The sportscaster and writer is coming to Town&Style! He'll be penning our new column Off the Cuff with Claiborne, which will take a personal look at the players, coaches and execs of St. Louis sports and beyond (think music bigwigs, business leaders and notable names).

    GET TO KNOW: Mike Claiborne
  • 3/26: This Day in Cards History

    Hall of Famer Rick Hummel joins Claibs to take you on a trip across past Cardinals seasons while we await the beginning of the 2020 season. March 26th would have been the earliest start to an MLB season, so Commish shares a story about his favorite Opening Day.

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  • Column: NBA Awards

    By Rob Fischer
    (Memphis Grizzlies Television Pre / Postgame Host and Sideline Reporter on FOX Sports Southeast)

    As the NBA and the world take a break due to Coronavirus, it’s time to evaluate the NBA postseason awards. There could be a little season left to play, or we could be facing the postseason immediately following the break. So today, we’ll evaluate the player likely to be named the award winner, who’s in contention, and who should be getting more love than they are currently getting.

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  • Quick Hits: Cusumano

    KSDK Sports Director Frank Cusumano discusses how both his life and the sports world has changed since the coronavirus outbreak and what changes he expects to come after sports start up again.

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  • Health Advice for Pandemic

    Doctor Rick Lehman shares advice on how to stay in shape during the stay at home orders during the coronavirus outbreak and how to keep your kids active while home from school.

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  • Ameren: Turn up the Savings

    Ameren Illinois offers many ways to save money including smart thermostats, LED lighting incentives, energy star appliances, and smart power strips. Learn more at

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  • Podcast: Coronavirus Effects

    Director of the Washington University Sports Business program Dr. Patrick Rishe discusses the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on both the present & future of sports as we know them.

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  • Gateway

    Column: What a Week

    By Rob Fischer
    (Memphis Grizzlies Television Pre / Postgame Host and Sideline Reporter on FOX Sports Southeast)

    A week ago the Memphis Grizzlies flew to the west coast for a big road trip. Then all of a sudden we were headed home, the season was halted, and we don't know what will happen next with the coronavirus outbreak .........

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    Waino After Spring Suspended

    Adam Wainwright says he's prepared to do anything that needs to be done while spring training has been suspended during the coronavirus outbreak. However, he says it is hard to simulate game speed.

  • Podcast: Tim Kurkjian

    ESPN MLB Analyst Tim Kurkjian discusses working at ESPN, the Astros scandal, the Cardinals and the NL East as the most competitive division in baseball.

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  • Ozzie Smith Fielding Tips

    Hall of Fame & 13x gold glove winning shortstop Ozzie Smith shares some of his fielding tips and what he focused on during fielding drills as a player during the most recent Cardinals Fantasy Camp.

  • Podcast: Greg Amsinger

    MLB Network Host & St. Louis native Greg Amsinger discusses why Jack Flaherty gives the Cardinals the edge in the NL Central, the sign-stealing scandal & how the Astros will be viewed as the villians of baseball.

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    Ameren Illinois provides energy savings tips including saving up to $55 a year by not leaving the tv on when you leave your house or when you fall asleep:

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  • Podcast: Frank Cusumano

    KSDK Newschannel 5 sports director Frank Cusumano joins Claibs to discuss the Cardinals this upcoming season, St. Louis area basketball, and the good old days.

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  • Podcast: Peter Gammons

    Hall of Fame baseball writer and MLB Network analyst Peter Gammons sat down with Claibs in Jupiter to discuss the Astros cheating scandal, potential retaliation against the Astros, and the Cardinals this upcoming season.

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  • BP at Cards Camp

    A behind the scenes look at Cardinals position players preparing for the first live batting practice session of 2020 spring training. Shortstop Paul DeJong gets in some swings before stepping into the cage.

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    Kwang-Hyun Kim Media Chat

    New Cardinals pitcher Kwang-Hyun Kim met with the media Tuesday in Jupiter, Florida. Around 34 members of the Korean media have descended on Cards camp.

    Column: Calling All Bats

    Few enjoyed offensive breakouts let alone career years in 2019 and yet this team found ways to win. It caught up to them in post season as the Washington Nationals completely shut down the Cardinals offense. So just what do we have for 2020? More questions for sure as there are some jobs open for the taking and plenty of people with big league experience who will compete for them.

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    Column: Spring is Almost Sprung

    For the Cardinals, it will be back to work on some unfinished business from the 2019 season that ended in a manner that was quick and unfulfilling. The Washington Nationals ended St. Louis' post season return as quick as a Yadier Molina snap throw to second with a four-game sweep in the league championship series. And while there was much to feel good about in 2019, just what will the 2020 Cardinals look like? Questions, questions, questions have run rampant this off season so let’s address a few of the most raised............
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  • Podcast: Isaac Bruce

    Former Rams WR Isaac Bruce discusses his mindset waiting to find out if he was elected to the Hall of Fame, his family, the Greatest Show on Turf, and his memories from winning the Super Bowl.

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    SB MVP Patrick Mahomes

    After being named Super Bowl LIV MVP, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes talked about how special it was to win it all for head coach Andy Reid and the Chiefs organization.

    Ameren: Turn up the Savings

    Ameren Illinois offers many ways to save money including smart thermostats, LED lighting incentives, energy star appliances, and smart power strips. Learn more at

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  • Podcast: Gary Bettman

    NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman discusses his friend David Stern passing away, the state of the NHL, St. Louis as a hockey town and bringing more events to the city.

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  • Audio: Shildt, Claibs, Dan Mac

    Cardinals manager Mike Shildt chats with Mike Claiborne and Dan McLaughlin and answers questions from the crowd on the main stage at Winter Warm Up.

    Listen to Shildt, Claibs & Dan McLaughlin
  • Podcast: Arenado Rumors Rockies reporter Thomas Harding joined Claibs to discuss the latest trade rumors linking the Cardinals to Nolan Arenado and the Colorado Rockies.

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  • Podcast: Blues Past Decade

    The voice of the St. Louis Blues Chris Kerber discusses the last decade of Blues hockey and finally winning the Stanley Cup.

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  • Podcast: Cardinals Past Decade

    Former Cardinals pre/postgame show host Kevin Wheeler joined Claibs to discuss the last decade of Cardinals baseball.

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  • Podcast: SLU BBall Past Decade

    The voice of St. Louis University men's basketball Bob Ramsey chats with Claibs about the past decade of SLU basketball.

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  • Podcast: Vince Coleman

    Former Cardinals base stealing leader Vince Coleman says you don't have to be fast to be a good baserunner, and he would be honored to work in the organization.

    Podcast: Vince Coleman with Claibs

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  • Podcast: Bob Kendrick

    Negro Leagues Museum President Bob Kendrick discusses Buck O'Neil deserving to be elected into the MLB HOF, and the museum located in Kansas City, MO.

    Podcast: Bob Kendrick with Claibs
  • Podcast: Mizzou's NCAA Ruling

    National College Football writer Dennis Dodd discusses the NCAA ruling on Mizzou's infractions that will cost the school around $9 million from postseason bans and schools losing confidence in the NCAA enforcement process.

    Podcast: Dennis Dodd on NCAA Ruling

  • Column: Bowl Eligible

    The new thing in college football when a coach is trying to save his job or make the statement there is progress, is to talk about being "Bowl Eligible." This term is quickly becoming one of the jokes of college football. To make sure I am clear here all you must do is load up on a soft non-conference schedule, and there are three wins right there at least. ............

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    Ameren: More than Electricity

    Ameren Illinois isn't just an electricity company -- it serves 816,000 natural gas customers, and it's a big responsibility. The service territory is 44,000 square miles, which is bigger than the state of Indiana.

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    Column: Colin Gives Critics Cover

    The Colin Kaepernick story won’t go away although his critics now have cover when it comes to them thinking he is getting a fair shake. Last week when the NFL hastily called for Kaepernick to have an NFL controlled workout on of all days a Saturday before most teams were scheduled to play was the first red flag. It was an easy gesture and statement to make by the NFL to give the impression that they were trying to be fair and give Kaepernick a chance to show his skill set............

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  • Bill DeWitt Jr Interview

    Cardinals Chairman Bill DeWitt Jr joins Claibs and Chris Hrabe to discuss the offseason, contract extensions for the front office, this past season's run to the NLCS, and the current Cardinals roster.

    Listen to Bill DeWitt Jr Interview

  • Column: Sour Grapes

    The Hammer finally fell on Don Cherry -- the long-time legend of must watch TV in Canada with his "Coaches Corner" segment that would be shown between the 1st and 2nd periods on Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights. While there were whispers that Cherry was a short-timer as he had continued to push the envelope, Rogers Sportsnet had seen and heard enough this weekend. Cherry was upset that people who are immigrating to Canada are not showing enough support ...........

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  • Full Cardinals Press Conference

    St. Louis Cardinals Chairman Bill DeWitt Jr, President of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak & GM Michael Girsch met with the media on Tuesday. Listen to the full press conference here:

    Listen to Cardinals Press Conference

  • Column: From Where Claibs Sits

    Congrats to Cardinals second baseman Kolten Wong on winning his first Rawlings Gold Glove. A long time coming and much deserved. When it came to putting work in to be a better player today than he was yesterday, Wong assumed that role with great vigor and it has now paid off. Coming off his best offensive season to go along with the Gold Glove, don’t be surprised to see him and Paul DeJong in Florida in January working on stepping up their game more as they led the league in defense and turning double plays.

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    Blues GM Press Conference

    St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong discusses Vladimir Tarasenko's injury, his shoulder surgery and expectations for the team over the next five months while he is recovering. "We will have to have a strength in numbers," and it's a great opportunity for some young guys.

    Column: From Where Claibs Sits

    With the Cardinals season now over, it's time to take the emotion out and look at the future because the past we can only dwell on for all the wrong reasons. Yes, it was a good season for the Redbirds as they found themselves back in post season, but once you get there you only want more. While some wring their hands about how things ended, remember there is only one team that will win their last game so welcome to the big club that will try and get better ...........

    Read Mike Claiborne's Full Column
  • Podcast: Grant Fuhr

    Five-time Stanley Cup Champion Grant Fuhr joins Claibs to discuss the new documentary about his life and career in the NHL, and his time as the Blues goalie.

    Listen to NHL HOF Grant Fuhr Podcast
  • Podcast: Dr. Patrick Rishe

    Director of the Washington University Sports Business program Dr. Patrick Rishe discusses the decision in California to allow student athletes to receive income.

    Listen to Dr. Patrick Rishe Podcast
  • Podcast: Michael McDonald

    Ferguson native Michael McDonald discusses his St. Louis roots, his music career with Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers among other topics.

    Listen to Michael McDonald Podcast
  • Inside NL Central Celebration

    Inside the Cardinals Clubhouse with Mike Claiborne as he interviews Mike Shildt, John Mozeliak, Dexter Fowler and Jack Flaherty after they clinched the NL Central.

    Call 811 Before Digging

    Ameren Illinois' top concern is for you to call 811 before you dig to find out where your gas lines are in your yard. There is no charge, and someone will come out to your property to mark where the pipelines are.

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  • Podcast: Jim Thomas

    Longtime St. Louis reporter Jim Thomas sits down with Claibs to discuss being the only man who was the beat writer covering both a Super Bowl Champion & Stanley Cup Champion in St. Louis.

    Listen to Jim Thomas Podcast
  • Podcast: Niele Ivey

    St. Louis native Niele Ivey has been hired by the Memphis Grizzlies as an assistant coach. Ivey won a National Championship both as a player and coach at Notre Dame and played in the WNBA.

    Listen to Niele Ivey Podcast
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  • Podcast: Will Clark

    Former Cardinals 1B chats with Claibs about being traded to St. Louis, his relationship with Jose Oquendo after their skirmishes when he was a Giant, and playing in front of Cardinals fans.

    Listen to Will Clark Podcast
  • Podcast: MLS to STL

    Dr. Patrick Rishe discusses St. Louis being named an expansion city for MLS, the Taylor family stepping in to help, and the economic impact it will have on the city.

    Listen to Patrick Rishe Podcast
  • John Smoltz Interview

    MLB HOF pitcher turned broadcaster John Smoltz talks pitching & golf with Claibs.

    Listen to John Smoltz Interview
  • Ameren: Preventing Disaster

    Ameren Illinois helps prevent disasters in your local community by giving presentations about recognizing natural gas leaks to young students at schools and first responders.

    Find Out More about Ameren Illinois
    That's the Grip: John Brebbia

    St. Louis Cardinals pitcher John Brebbia says the best grip advice he ever got was to hold the baseball like an egg. He says he holds it like a "hard-boiled egg" as he showed us his grips.

    That's the Grip: Miles Mikolas

    St. Louis Cardinals Opening Day starter and ace of the staff in 2019 is armed with two types of fastballs, two breaking balls and a change-up.

    That's the Grip: Wainwright

    Adam Wainwright is one who's never settled on his pitch repertoire. Always varying it up to find more movement or power on his fastballs and breaking pitches. And he says this year his new change-up is going to be very helpful.

    That's the Grip: Andrew Miller

    Relief pitcher Andrew Miller goes through his classic two-pitch repertoire that helped take him to a couple of All-Star Games and earn the Mariano Rivera Reliever of the Year award in the AL in 2015.

    That's the Grip: Eckersley

    Dennis Eckersley was the first of only two pitchers in MLB history to have both a 20-win season and a 50-save season in their career. Eck shows us his classic fastball-slider punch and explains why his delivery really limited him.

    That's the Grip: Alex Reyes

    Alex Reyes is the No. 1 prospect in the St. Louis Cardinals organization, with a fastball that can reach triple digits, complimented by a knuckle curve, change-up and a new slider he's been working on.

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    Cardinals starting pitcher JACK FLAHERTY discusses his fashion style with Nieman Marcus Personal Clothing Stylist Jeff Abeln.

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